About Us

Our Mission

We strive to build a healthier society by being naturally innovative and offering trustworthy foods of superior quality, taste, and value. Key to the success of our mission are 3 pillars that uphold our business.


Fully-sound mind and body begin with what’s on your plate. Our ingredients are wholesome, and we offer only the safest, highest-quality ingredients and products to you and your family.


We’re dedicated to full transparency with our customers and partners. That means being accountable for everything from sustainability to Fair Trade to production quality control.


Experience and technology should be used to enhance the natural options we offer, not replace them. Our commitment to bringing new products to the market that meet our high standards is unwavering.

Our Commitment

At Naturally Innovative Brands, business and lifestyle go hand in hand. We enjoy a family-oriented atmosphere inspired by a shared passion for health and wellness. Our drive to create wholesome food products stems from a leadership team that’s spent decades on this side of the global food and beverage industry. We have exceptional experience producing, sourcing, and bringing to market best-in-class ingredients.

Today, we’re using this expertise to bring not only those ingredients, but readymade goods directly to you the consumer. You shouldn’t have to worry about whether your home-cooked meal is full of unnatural additives and synthetic ingredients meant for the product’s longevity, not your own. Whether you’re looking for organic baking powder, cookie batter, pancake mix, stevia, or agave, you deserve to buy from a brand whose commitment to quality is as strong as yours.