Made with Quality & Care

Quality takes many forms. It’s not simply a matter of great-tasting, highly nutritional products. It’s also about being completely open and honest about where those products come from and how they’re made. We pride ourselves on that honesty and transparency.

We Embrace a Range of Diets

“Eating well” means different things to different people. But, it all comes down to the purity of what you put in your body. Our ingredients are USDA organic, Keto, Paleo, non-GMO, vegan, and free of sugar, gluten, and phosphates.

We Maintain Strict Quality Control

Our plant managers and engineers take global food safety standards seriously. You can be sure that our facilities and products are compliant with all major legislation and health codes, including those of the FDA, GFSI, and FSPCA, among others.

We Practice Sustainability

Natural products come from natural resources. We have a responsibility to ensure our sourcing, means of production, and packaging respect the environment. Everything we do minimizes waste, leaves a low carbon footprint, and uses eco-friendly technology.

We Believe in Social Justice

For us, Fair Trade isn’t an afterthought to be checked off a list. We’re highly selective about sourcing raw products in ways that support small farmers around the world. We promote fair pricing, worker welfare, and sustainability across our supply chain.

Our Certifications